Oslo Pride tar ny form i 2020
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19. juni – 28. juni 2020

Oslo Pride

The first parade through the streets of Oslo happened already in 1974, and we have had a regular Pride festival in Oslo since 1982. Today, the Oslo Pride festival features four main pillars: Pride Park, Pride House, Pride Art, and the Pride Parade. In addition, we host two major club events, each with a capacity of 2000 people. A central value for Oslo Pride is to be inclusive, and to facilitate the participation of the whole LGBTQI community. All our main venues are therefore free and accessible.

Pride Park is an open-air festival arena. It is a safe space for the community, and an opportunity for different organisations to do outreach. We offer LGBTQI performers an opportunity to show their talent at one of our many stages. We deliver a diversity of cultural offerings, ranging from live outdoor performances of «Les Miserables» and «Phantom of the Opera», to Silvana Imam, Vengaboys, Samantha Fox, local performers, drag shows and Eurovision classics.

Pride House is the arena for lectures, debates and talks on all topics related to gender diversity and sexual orientation. In an average year, Pride House hosts more than 80 different events.

Pride Art features queer art exhibitions hosted by a local art organization for queer artists.

The Oslo Pride Parade is the grand highlight of the festival, with around 300 000 people in the streets in an average year.

Last year Visit Oslo and Oslo Pride invited Klara and Anna from Czech Republic and Kadir from Turkey to visit our pride and share their experiences.


Oslo Pride is an active member of the European Pride Organisers Association, and has hosted EuroPride twice, first in 2005 and most recently in 2014. Oslo Pride also has a dedicated solidarity program funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affaires, enabling us to host a customised conference program for Eastern European activists, including Russia and the Ukraine, every year since 2015.