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19. juni – 28. juni 2020



During the conference, we will host a special nightclub event on the Saturday at Rockefeller Concert Hall, a four story building with a capacity of 2000 people. This will be a closing Party and kickoff for WorldPride 2021 in Copenhagen.

All conference attendees will have free entry to the event and receive drink vouchers. The event is inspired by our closing night which we have hosted on the parade day every year since 1982.

In addition to giving the conference attendees a good night out, the event will also be a major source of income for Oslo Pride enabling us to balance our budget. The club event has been sold out each year Oslo Pride have hosted it and we are confident that it will be yet another success during InterPride AGM.


The vast majority of clubs and bars in Oslo are considered gay and trans friendly, meaning you may safely go to whichever club or bar you wish to visit. All clubs and bars are obligated to follow the Norwegian Anti-Discrimination Act, and they are regularly patrolled by offisers from the City of Oslo to ensure that no one has a bad experience based on their racial or ethnic background, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.

Oslo offers five permanent LGBTQI bars and nightclubs in addition to a number of regular club events. Elsker (“Lover”) is the largest of these establishments, located in a three story building with a capacity of about 1600 people. Elsker serves everything from Eurovision hits to house music, with a different musical profile on every floor. Oslo’s drag scene occupies the stage on the second floor with regular shows and competitions throughout the year. We will make sure that conference attendees will get an opportunity to become familiar with our local drag queens.

The oldest LGBTQI establishment in Oslo is London Pub which has functioned continuously as a gay club since 1979. During the weekend they also open up a second floor for dancing. A second bar and nightclub, called Cesar, is located right next to London Pub. Oslo also has a vibrant bear community with regular BearPub-nights and special events, as well as a BDSM club and a sauna house. The sauna house, “Hercules”, features three stories of dark rooms, private cabins, jacuzzi and saunas. Hercules is open every day, and during the weekend they hold open throughout the night.