fredag 29. juni 2018

23:00 – 03:00

Cockheart Club // PRIDE // Fiedel // Club Bademental // Ornella

With strong ties to both the club kid and underground rave scene in London, Cockheart’s aim is to bring, through their parties, the best of both worlds: the celebration of self expression from the club kid scene and the ‘be and let be’ culture which is found in the rave scene.

Their parties aim to represent a form of escapism, where what defines you in everyday life doesn’t apply anymore. Be yourself, as long as you’re not an asshole.

In order to enable this sense of freedom through their parties there is a strict no photo policy, which Cockheart has adopted to their parties. Don’t worry – there will be an in-house photographer that will capture the night and our inner exhibitionist. If you don’t want to be in any pictures, let us and the photographer know.

FIEDEL (Ostgut Ton)
Born and raised in Brandenburg, Fiedel finds access to the music through various artists and styles in the mid 1980s. He was influenced by artists of the old school hip hop like Mantronix and Egyptian Lover and the early works of Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk.

You can say one thing about Fiedel: He is no techno or house stereotype pattern that you can put randomly on a every evening or club. He is lead by his history, the history of the music and the feeling of the moment to build something new and to capture this very moment. Let it be the straight dark techno of today, banging acid of the 80’s or an electro funk record, Fiedel surprises. He undermines and overrides expectations and refrains to limit the music for any reason. He lets the music speak for itself, through himself.

Since moving to Norway in 2007, Paul has been making a name for himself both as a DJ and a promoter in the Oslo electronic music scene.

These days Paul is involved in a number of concepts co-managing the Morning Beat sober parties and Club Bademantel nights. He also maintains residencies at The Villa and Elefant and plays at regular one-off events.

As a DJ, Paul’s sound has evolved over the years but fundamentally focuses on the same core elements. The music he plays is emotive and attention grabbing with lots of bass and staccato, tribal rhythms.

Villa resident DJ Duncan Macdonald’s techno is electronic, rough and ready sound is a perfect warm up for Fiedel.

Ornella’s exploratory approach to music is becoming known at the local club scene. Her style is simultanously eclectic, corny and playful, and she finds her beats at the depth of the known. She fell into rhythm by coincidence, but is now playing house, techno and whatnot with intent.

+ Little Miss Lucifer



Sted: The Villa Dancing

Klokkeslett: 23:00 - 03:00

Pris: 150kr

Aldersgrense: 23

Tegnspråktolket: nei

Universell utforming: ja

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