fredag 29. juni 2018


Night demons come help me celebrate the beauty of PRIDE.

I’m throwing a huge party with the help of ballroom to celebrate pride in a way that hasn’t been done before.

I want to celebrate every part of the human mind, body and soul. Come straight, gay, lesbian, trans, non binary. Come one come all.

God’s and Goddess, mortals and immortals gather together for a night of true chaos, dismember the hierarchy of gender, sexuality and race. Leave all of that behind to enjoy a night of human exploration, contact and divine experience.

The deity of music shall be enjoyed and explored.

90’s R&B, techno, disco, dancehall, afrobeats and everything your little hearts desire.

There will be three different djs and dancers and also surprise performances.

We are celebrating Trans women and men for they make up to be the strongest and most vulnerable people of our society.

Lets WIN our divine Glory back you gorgeous people of the world! 🌎 👑❤️💋

Most of the proceeds will go to FTPN – Forbundet for transperonser i Norge!

Come one come all and come as YOU ARE


Arrangør: Ceval Omar

Sted: Ballroom

Klokkeslett: -

Pris: 150kr

Forhåndsbetaling 100kr

Aldersgrense: 20

Tegnspråktolket: nei

Universell utforming: ja

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