lørdag 23. juni 2018

15:00 – 20:00

Det Gode Selskab: Love Boat i Oslofjorden

Glitter & Accesories: Mandala Lotus

Get your tan on – enjoy the power of beauty and youth – celebrate and dance in the sun, rubbing warm shoulders with a diverse group of people in an eclectic and inclusive environment under the full glare of the sun.

The 23rd of June we set sail with Det Gode Selskab to explore the sea on Oslo’s maybe finest ship. We welcome you with oysters, some light food, cocktails and bubbles to set the mood. At night we welcome SmartBar resident Eris Drew to a club kid night at Everysome.

After the successful launch of the DGS label this year, the DJ collective and artistic ensemble keep going from strength to strength. With an electronic music profile with designs on the dance floor that can go anywhere from House & Disco to Techno and some of the most obscure corners of the music cosmos, Det Gode Selskab continue to push the boundaries of electronic music in Oslo and Norway.


Arrangør: Det Gode Selskab

Sted: S/V Legend

Klokkeslett: 15:00 - 20:00

Pris: 450kr

Billett må kjøpes på forhånd. Billetten koster totalt 450kr, men inkluderer et lett måltid. Du kan også bestille østers i tillegg.

Aldersgrense: 20

Tegnspråktolket: nei

Universell utforming: nei

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