onsdag 27. juni 2018

17:00 – 17:30

Pride Park: Hovedscenen – M.Rexen

The multi-instrumentalist, globetrotter and eccentric Michael Rexen, born in 1985 in the United Arab Emirates, has moved in constant opposition to current norms.
Despite the fact that M. Rexen settled in Copenhagen at the age of 22, and since then has been a major player in musical constellations such as «A Key is A Key», the improvised project «The Magnetic Eagle» and most recently «Mongol» this is the first time that M. Rexen appears in his own name.

With the release of his debut album “United Kingdom – An Endless Sea Of Honey” in Oktober 2018, Michael invites you into a world of afrobeat rhythmics, middle eastern sounding strings and rock and roll attitude.

That M. Rexen is playing with more exotic elements in his music is far from a coincidence. The inspiration for this album has come to be on one of Rexen’s countless expeditions to the Middle East and Africa, where, in the time up to the recordings, he gained creative and spiritual inspiration in, among other countries, Ethiopia, Oman, India and Pakistan.

The many travels, writing sessions with local musicians and new friendships have clearly put their mark on the music, which appears multi-faceted, dynamic and completely unique. A musical journey through M. Rexen’s mind and a personal depiction of the ups and downs of life as one who insist on walking their own way.

To kickstart his albumcampaign, M. Rexen will be playing his upcoming album live on tour this summer. A tour, which will take him to Denmark, Norway and Poland, accompanied by his 8-piece live band.

Welcome to the magical world of M. REXEN.


Arrangør: Oslo Pride 2018

Sted: Pride Park: Hovedscenen

Klokkeslett: 17:00 - 17:30

Pris: Gratis

Aldersgrense: Fri aldersgrense

Tegnspråktolket: ja

Universell utforming: ja