Call for Pride House

— You will find the participation form on the bottom of the page —

Do you want to contribute to Pride House 2018? We are currently working on developing the program, and would like to invite you and your organisation to contribute.

We would like your feedback as to how you can contribute, both with the form and content of our program.

Pride House will be held from 23rd to 29th of June 2018.

We are presenting a brand new festival arena this year at Youngstorget. We will create one arena for Pride House and Pride Art, so they will be held under the same roof for the first time. This is the most extensive development of Oslo Pride in years and we are proud to present it to you!
We invite you to submit your ideas and commitment to create a wide program of debates, lectures, workshops and more. Together with you and your organisation we will put LHBTIQ issues and policy on the agenda.We would like to see a diversity of activities and events represented in the program related to this year’s theme – Family.

Our goal is to challenge and widen the concept of family and bring the concept up to date within our queer frames.
In the spirit of solidarity, we hope that you will collaborate with us and other organisations in the development of your proposals. Pride House has been put in order since 2011 together with FRI – the Norwegian organisation for sexual and gender diversity and a wide rage of small and large organisations. Today, Pride House is the largest and most important arena for LGBTIQ culture and politics in Norway. We want to build further on the success of Pride House in 2018.

Note: NEW closing date for expressions of interest is Friday April 6th 2018.

If you have any questions, pleas contact us at [email protected]

The Pride House team