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19. juni – 28. juni 2020
torsdag 20. juni 2019
23:00 - 03:30

Tama Sumo + Vichy & Fride with friends + Daniel Gude


Retro and Jaeger jumped on the Pride float in 2019, with Tama Sumo and Vichy & Fride joining Daniel Gude for this event.
Vichy & Fride bring their friends down into our basement while Tama Sumo and Daniel Gude keep our backyard cosy.

“Music is pure communication," says Tama Sumo,"stay in contact and follow your heart!” Part of the original the Ostgut family, Tama Sumo personifies the legacy of the origin of the Berlin scene, and her experience in the booth is rarely matched. She has cultivated a dedicated fanbase in her hometown with complete trust in their DJ, and is always willing to explore new corners of the dance floor.
Vichy & Fride are well known in the LGBTQI scene in Norway. They established their club night in 2009 at their residency at SO, and have since played gay and queer festivals in Ibiza, London, Hamburg, Majorca and Stockholm as well as their native Norway. Today they only bring our their concept to select venues, which includes Oslo Pride and Jaeger in 2019!


Arrangør: Jaeger
Sted: Jaeger, Grensen 9, 0159
Tidspunkt: 23:00 - 03:30
Pris: 100 (entrance)
Aldersgrense: 20 år
Tegnspråktolket: Nei
Rullestolvennlig: Nei