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19. juni – 28. juni 2020
fredag 21. juni 2019
12:30 - 13:30

The World's First LGBTIQ* Emancipation Movement


This programme item will be held in English.

The World's First LGBTIQ* Emancipation Movement
The topic of this lecture and discussion will be the Institute of Sexual Science, established in Berlin just after WWI, and the work of the Queer pioneer Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld. With Berlin-based historian Dr. Finn Ballard, we will explore how the collapse of an Empire brought about a short-lived period not just of hedonism but of research and political activism: the legendary Weimar era in Berlin, which came to an abrupt end with the rise of Hitler in 1933. Such remarkable figures as Lili Elbe and Karl Baer - two of the earliest known people to undergo gender reassignment surgery - will be the focus of our discussion. We will also discuss the persecution of Queer people by the Nazis, enforced invisibility during the Cold War, and the revival of the Berlin scene post-Wall.


Arrangør: FRI
Sted: Pride House, Youngstorget (Sylvia-Rivera-salen)
Tidspunkt: 12:30 - 13:30
Pris: Gratis
Aldersgrense: Fri aldersgrense
Tegnspråktolket: Ja
Rullestolvennlig: Ja