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19. juni – 28. juni 2020
onsdag 19. juni 2019
17:30 - 18:15

Frida Marida


Frida Marida is the Drag Personality, who while feminine, remains authentic and does not strive to be flawless. While her primary purpose is to entertain, Frida’s work often crosses multi-cultural lines with a unique window of self-expression. Using music, spoken word, and dance, Frida exudes the confidence for self-expressionism as she blurs lines between past, present and future - tackling personal and social experiences.

Frida’s transformation is purposeful. Like a painter to canvas, each detail is intentional and a part of Frida’s process. Frida is an art form, a way to deal with personal and social issues in an artistic way. Frida’s art is a continual evolution of self to stand firm in the face of gender bias, social construct, shame and stigma.

Frida is pro-rebellion and anti-revolution. She embraces her roots and this is mirrored in her musical mix that is freely expressed and unhinged. Her comfort is evident in her appearance, and she always performs live, never lip-syncing, adding a fabulous flavor to all that she does. Fiery red epitomizes Frida, and this is visible in her hair color. Frida is a survivor, phoenix, and rebirth of a dramatic life. She remains loyal and unapologetic for who she is and her freedom to express her truth.


Arrangør: Oslo Pride
Sted: Hovedscenen, Oslo Pride Park
Tidspunkt: 17:30 - 18:15
Pris: Gratis
Aldersgrense: Fri aldersgrense
Tegnspråktolket: Ja
Rullestolvennlig: Ja